Laser Safety Solutions

Lasermet Ltd. (UK) offers an extremely wide range of laser safety equipment designed to cover all aspects of laser & LED safety, including the largest array of laser safety eyewear, laser viewing windows, laser blocking curtains and screens, laser safety interlocks, warning signs, laser power meter, etc.

Lasermet are world leaders in laser safety having in excess of 100 years of collective experience and over 20 years experience as a company working with clients to resolve their laser safety issues as quickly and painlessly as possible. During this time they have been and continue to be involved at the heart of laser safety standards making at National, European and International levels, where they have been instrumental in the development of the IEC / EN 60825-1, IEC / EN 60825-2 and the rest of the 60825 series of standards which deal with the safety of laser products.

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