Hanwell Pro

Hanwell Pro is a scalable wireless monitoring system that can be used from one to multiple facilities across the world. It is the most flexible, accurate and reliable environmental monitoring and control system in the world.

With the Hanwell Pro system, you can monitor what you want, as often as you want and access alarms and data wherever you want.

We have a range of wireless loggers and transmitters to suit any application. No system requirement is too complex.

Product Description

Superior environmental monitoring and control with high accuracy sensors, LCD display and unmatched radio strength and GSM that overcomes the most complex and remote situations. Hanwell Pro wireless solutions provide advanced capabilities through an independent system capable of data analysis and reporting, which can be used to map and verify extensive ranges of temperature, relative humidity, light (LUX), UV, air flow, transport, damp, leak, wood, utilities and many more. Additionally the Hanwell Pro radio systems can be used to control environments, either by integrating into an existing control system or used in isolated areas such as with humidifiers and dehumidifiers.