Hanwell Icespy

Premium, reliable and affordable environmental
monitoring with competitive accuracy, cold-chain
solutions and radio strength that overcomes most
typical applications.

This established system is used throughout the food and healthcare cold supply
chain for providing cost-effective solutions to wireless environmental
monitoring (typically temperature and humidity) within cold storage,
warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Using Hanwell telemetry the Hanwell IceSpy system has a huge advantage over competitor technology including the use of innovative software for 24/7 data collection for audit trails and immediate alarm notification.
Additional parameters can easily be added to this system as customer
needs change and grow; including differential pressure, CO2, air flow and
much more.

Product Description

Hanwell IceSpy (previously known as IceSpy Notion Pro) delivers a totally reliable and flexible wireless system. The technological breakthroughs available in this wireless temperature monitoring system that can be seen throughout all Hanwell instrumentation and software. Additional IQ and OQ protocols are also available to provide a validation system for healthcare and food environments.

The system is well-established throughout the cold-supply chain for providing cost-effective solutions to wireless temperature monitoring within fridges, freezers and cookers. Additional measurements can be recorded for relative humidity, door events and CO2 monitoring in areas such as heated and dry storage facilities.

The system takes revolutionary steps forward in reliability, robustness and innovative technology whilst retaining affordability.

The addition of our innovative Transport System enables continuous wireless temperature monitoring throughout the cold-chain.